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Single Room

Project house of glass .Next Project...

Visual  artist Selda Asal has taken part in an  exhibition titled 'Today's Programe -
Coming  Programe'  with a short looped movie which has been supported and currated by Yapi Kredi Cultural Center in 2000.

window projection

 This film ,'Maison Fragile'/House of Glass' was  running every night on  a window of  Yapi Kredi Culture Center In the video film which was shown on one of the windows facing the street , Emre Koyuncuoglu was performing.

Margrit Brehm, from the cathalog

Selda Asal presented 'house of glass' for the first time at 'today's programme ,
next programme' 2000 .an exhibition at the Yapi Kredi Cultural Center in Istanbul.
There it was shown not inside the building,but projected onto one of the first floor windows,making it visible from the bustling Istiklal Caddesi.The resultant public exposure did more than intensify the tension between the woman trapped behind the window and the voyeuristic gazes of passersby.By nullifying the distinction between the public and private sypheres ,it also touched upon social issues that are simply not raised in modern Turkey,torn as it is between government crises,inflation, spreading
fundamentalism and the goal of EU membership: How does the society /government define the role of the women? Where is contemporary art tolerated or even allowed in public? Selda Asal has provided an indirect answer to these questions in her 'Apartment Project'.Due to a dearth of exhibition venues and the complete absence of public support for art ,the artist uses her own studio-a tiny storefront with three windows in the multicultural quarter of Tunel- as an exhibition gallery and invites other artists there to cooperate on thematic project.'

From an interview with Selda Asal: When Margrit Brehm  invited  me to install ' house of glass'  in Baden-Baden,  I  install it  according to the architecture of Kunsthalle.
I constracted a door between two big rooms,  and projected the looped film on the glass of the door. And  in the other room just next to the projected film there were three same girls' portrait  inaction looking at the doorside while a girl ( the same girl) was trying to get out of that room, the other girls were watching her trials.

'House of glass '
Yapi KrediCultural Center,Istanbul  2000

Baden-Baden Kunsthalle ,Germany
audio-visual installation