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Single Room

Project home sweet home .Next Project...

“Home, Sweet Home”- audio visual installation / projection in to a frame

in "home sweet home", i meant to stress our manner in front of the real life we encounter;
 we view it as if we were viewing a landscape painting.

This installation indicates our silence and motionlessness in front of the negativities
 that we encounter.
In a golden frame there is an image of a demolished house projected , with a view of a red lake.
In the space of the exhibition, the blended sounds of interviews are heard ;the interviews of
different contexts and different geographies  within the concept of 'home' taken from
TV;the sounds of the people who had to leave their home,who has been forced to leave
 their home,who by chance has been rescued while their home is demolished just there,
 help demanding screams from the ones who are caught under ruin, crying children...

These interviews are made with the people who had their home demolished in Afghanistan, Iraq,Kosovo,Turkey,etc. with various reasons,such as earthquake,war or terror.Although the presenting the view in a golden frame indicates as if we are taking the
mentioned subjects important,a picture hung on a wall is only an element that completed the decoration of that house.
"home sweet home" is showed in an entertainment place ,which is called Roxy.
Roxy is decorated with colourful balloons for a party.
The music ,the sounds of people in the party and the sound collage of "home sweet home" are blended.These people who are joining the party become images that indicate the contradiction between this event and the moving image"home sweet home.