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Single Room

Project Untitled .Next Project...

Untitled is produced in order to irritate the audience first to shock via sound then attract them to come closer to the screening and a feeling of alienation while seeing the bombing scene took place in Istanbul,the people running inintentionnaly on the broken glass thus it would give the feeling the media wanted to reach.A work to enable thye audience will watch the fire clouds coming from the buildings and repeat the scene that was already screened .

My work “untitled” is inspired of  bombing in Istanbul in year 2003.In that year there were four suicide bombing in Istanbul. And two  them were  happened  just middle of my everydays road( between my studio and home.) And the same day of the third bombing  , I supposed to be at the British Consulate to get my visa .By chance waiked up late at that day and I couldn’t. go . I planned to go the next day.Therefore  I was not the one in these 13 people who were killed in British Consulate.It was a very tragic day that day and after that day everything is changed in our life. It was fear. It was the first time that we were not knowing exactly  who our enemy is, …when and where will  we be attack  ,by whom will be attact ?
The rules of the war was changed . There were any permanent earth  detarminated for that war ,there were any starting point, and there were any reason..
…Everything is  blur and unknown. We are  not knowing when will it happen again.
After that day  my life is changed. Fear and paranoia became the part of my life.
"turbulence" expessing and determinating more about boundries...being bound...trying to getting out/EXIT..endless trials .