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Project Turbulence .Next Project...
Almost  everyday , we are living through a period of on-line shows where the wars ,crimes , exploding wars  apear as an artifact of reality shows, as if through a virtually created  Diasporas.
The narration  transmitted in under a constant loss of track , thus we are living a period that we cannot name or title because of the lack of concrete statements . Statements of what have alreadty been realized in front of eyes ...
The Television shows and the media and what they telling about-wars,crimes violence –has been transformed into a kind of daily life aspects so that witnessing the happennings through a glass or a piece of paper can not effect at the deep level of understanding.In other words , we are familiarizing what we came aceoss what we witness through our eyes directly or indirectlywe can call this period as a rapidization of the losing our consciouisness, shortening the sudden traumas, postpning the soreness and losing the long term memory in a sense.

The video installation titled turbulence , points out this boredom, blurred state mind in a trapped envoronment . the three corridors projected onto three walls  and changing speed of movement through them the doors open and close transmitting the sound inside.the child voices, giggles, music, part noise and speeces...Going through corridors the lively act of life is being heard till the explotion of bombs . afterwars the joyful noises are replaced by screams and sirens of ambulances.,

Turbulence has been exhibited in the 1st balkan biennial in 2004-05 . the parallel project produced in regards is titled turbulence is a project poiinting out the no-way –out situations , loss of orientation, the work untitled reflects the actual bombing situations in different geografies.untitled is produced in orde to irritate the audience first to shock via sound then attract them to come closer to the screening and a feeling of alienation while seeing the bombing  scene took place in istanbul , the people running inintentionnaly  on the broken glass thus it would give the feeling the media wanted to reach. A work to enable thye audience will watch the fire clouds coming from the buildings and repeat the scene that was already screened. This work as a kind  of a terro game or an already used to mise-en-scene could not be established in the exhibition space with relation t o the lack of dim light. Hence i was put to not to exhibit the work untitled thinking of not giving the feeling i have objected.

Turbulence is exhibited in the 1st. Balkan Biennial in Thesseloniki in year 2004
in Berlin Neurotitan and also
in Istanbul in the Nev Gallery in year 2005.

audio-visual installation