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Collaborative Projects

Project Postcards from Istanbul-Stockholm .Next Project...
Postcards from Stockholm/Botkyrka – Istanbul

An exhibition on the move.

Understanding our dreams, wishes, desires, joys and dreams...
To face them, know them, and there by make them real!
Exploring different ways of story telling for expression of these emotions.
The first of these, a traditional, metaphorical method: to approach their dreams and realities
through the images generated by the coffee dregs of their fortunes. Where energies and
dreams  are transmitted through images and connection between people.

The second...  story telling through performative vocal description, a wish, a desire is asked by
 one, described and enacted by another, and combined with Ceren Oykut’s animated drawings.
A third method or game: a questionnaire a la old time schools, asking straight forward questions
with a selection of answers to choose from...

And finally... to fabricate portraits with wishes, bringing together images taken by us with
found images.  Asking participants to bring with them images of idols, wish locations, places
they would  like to be, people they would  like to meet, be with, be... and... of course...
their own music: Bring their own music... to make music video’s, listen, dance, play... and

This project is related to the Apartment Project in Istanbul,,As 3 Tip they bring together
 their different approaches on the shared area of a progressive exhibition, Istanbul -
Stockholm Postcards.
Istanbul - Stockholm Postcards  is a two week experiment in an exhibition that progress’s
and takes shape through the time period of it’s display.
 It brings together different media and people, to recount stories/images of culture,
questioning, time,  feelings, existence and change. The stories are not saga’s, but like
 postcards, small tit bits of information, brief, offering a glance, separate, atomic particles
 of the whole. In their coming together ... a recount of our times and existence in two
separate cities.

Selda Asal and Ceren Oykut have been started to the Postcard Project in 2004
,for this project they have invited Gul Kozacioglu  to take apart.

3 Wall Projection

When we’ve  arrived  from Istanbul, we would bring a postcard projection designed for 3 90
 degrees adjacent walls. Inside this projection space, some of the materials: portraits from
Istanbul –Dolapdere kids & Youths ,includes interviews with them and our digital diaries,
we  prepared our diaries in Istanbul, with shootings, photographs and diaries of out
preparatory period in Istanbul. These would be  shownduring the first days we’ve  arrived in
Sweden. As we’ve staied and begun working, the materials from the workshop would be
uploaded to this projection space, and our own diaries continued to evolve,
 bringing together our work in istanbul with the work in Stockholm.

2 nd. Wall Projection -Digital Diaries  as Postcards ,done  by Ceren Oykut ,Selda Asal,

Gul Kozacioglu in Istanbul and Stockholm

This account is not given in one consecutive, linear piece, but through many things going on at
once. Videos, Photographs, Drawings, Writing, and Diaries, at different speeds and flavors.
Their changes in speed,temporality, separetness, contrast, superficiality, flow and break,
distracting and concentrating at the same time is related to the beat of current media flow which
shapes our ways of perception. This is a beat that diffuse’s borders .. the media works at similar
 speeds and technologies across countries, and shapes similar perceptive habits,although the
content relayed may be culturally different.

Selda ASal Ceren Oykut Gul Kozacioglu