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Single Room

Project projects about women
My project entitled Restore Hope, which I began in 2004, is about people with no designs for the future, people who are trapped between life and death, and have failed to find a way out.
It was within this context that I worked together with young women between the ages of 14 and 18, who had attempted suicide, street kids hooked on paint thinner and glue, and women of various ages who had run away from their families fearing for their lives due to 'honor' issues.I explained their oscillation between feelings of error, love, hate, and death, via the art that they produced, and the images that they used in their art.
This Project is finished in 2008. 
In this series  there are 8 films about women.   ( Love is fake , Hard to die, see me, who was I for real? ) 
The first film 'Love is Fake ' made up of the animated drawings and paintings made by girls  at Bakirkoy Mental Clinic. It is a long process work, took 2,5 years to realize.

screenshot from 'love is fake'
 'love is fake' in an exhibition 
Love is Fake , view from the video installation, 2006,
 Charlattenbourg Pro , Copenhagen, Denmark
 The video film  Hard to die is about honor killings in Turkey. It is two channel video film.
 I worked in seven different cities in women shelters for this film.I have started in March and completed in October 2007.
Hard to die , view from 2 channel video installation, 2007, 
Arttransponder, Berlin

After this film, I was invited from Riksutstalininger , Stockholm to realize a film about violence against women in 2007. This project took one year and I worked with 5 different institutions and in different  women shelters in various cities, towns and villages  to realize 2 films.
After it is completed these two films has been travelled all around Sweden in  19 different cities  such as Gotenburg, Stockholm, Malmo , Umea .

Travelling exhibition Riksutstalingar/  Goteborg, Stockholm,Malmo, Umea, Skövde, Varberg,Lund,Kalix,Katrineholm, Linköping,Ludvika, Osby, Ostersund, Pitea
for more info .please check the web site:

The video films 'See me ' and ' who was I for real? in Depo, Istanbul

for text :
From the text by Thomas Toren ': During the work of 'See Me' and 'Who was I, really?' Selda met women who were threatened to death. If their identities were revealed, they would be at great danger. Due to the risk of being identified Selda Asal were forced to cut parts of the films.
'Their faces sometimes enter the screen while bending or moving, but I cut those parts out. When the production was done, the women had a chance to see the films for approval. One of them didn't want her voice to be recognized, so I edited her voice with audio effects. Another lady called me when I was in the editing room and asked me to change everything about her. I changed her voice and used someone else's hands. No piece of art is more important than human life. I have lived with these women and experienced their traumas. I feel a great responsibility towards them. This is something that I would never want to damage with my own hands.'

After this project
I continue with a photograph series: 'Everything's fine' after the incident of 'Berdel (Bride Exchange)' which is a common practice particularly in East and Southeast regions of Turkey. The traditional practice of 'BERDEL' is a way for the families to be cleared off and the issue to be solved without honour killings, when their daughters kill themselves or run away from their husbands that they were given away by force to.

As there are no killings involved and the issue is solved without any bloodshed, everything seems to be fine for both sides. The families do not feel any emotional strain when they give away their child aged daughters to the groom's father as a second wife in order not to feel any shame.

In these fictive images, one girl playing with dolls and the other playing with bride & groom dolls, they stare upwards silently but as if they are waiting to be rescued.

These photographs are showned at the bus stops-  in an advertisement light boxes in Istanbul 2009
and also this  serial is took apart in an exhibition  ''A dream but not yours... 'at National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC, USA in 2011

Restore Hope: See Me! has been produced by Swedish Travelling Exhibitions as part of a project entitled Home not Home which is the Swedish contribution to the European year of intercultural dialogue (2008). The project is a collaboration and exchange between Sweden and Turkey and is one of seven EU profile projects that is also receiving support from the Swedish Ministry of Culture.